Your help is needed

What can you do when you feel so helpless ?


10/12/20231 min read

George and Souad are pictured above in an Israeli city park in April 2023.

They lead the Hand of Love Ministry in Nazareth, Israel, and were gracious hosts during the April trip to Israel. They and their family of two sons and one daughter are under much stress right now with threats of invasion and attack from north of Israel out of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. They recently sent these prayer requests in their newsletter:

  • Please continue praying for our safety and protection.

  • Pray that the war not continue for a long time.

  • Pray for families who lost their children or relatives, pray that the Love of Christ plants in the hearts of people and leaders in both sides.

  • Pray for an end to the violence and bloodshed.

  • Pray to “contain and restrain” regional conflicts, so that they do not escalate into a premature World War 3 that would greatly hinder the Great Harvest.

Saint Pantaleon Foundation provides financial support to their ministry work in Israel. We ask you to remember them and their family not only during this time of war in Israel, but routinely so that they can achieve all that God wills for them and be able to support their family's needs also.

There are so many opportunities for ministry in Israel during the current time of trouble. Pray for all those serving Him to have all that they need to do this work there and be enabled to be lights of Yeshua shining brightly in the darkness.

Also, be praying that the telemedicine ministry that is being planned to help those in need in Israel will not be hindered due to the current war.