Humanitarian Relief Efforts in Sderot

Later this year, I'll be traveling to Israel to stay in Sderot and help with humanitarian work ongoing in this city that suffered greatly during October 7, 2023.


David P Smith MD

6/11/20241 min read

With plans for arriving in Sderot, Israel, on Sunday, September 1, 2024, I'm looking forward to working with a Christian mission group based there providing humanitarian assistance work to the residents of Sderot and IDF soldiers. To learn more about the city, here are two articles: (1) No longer a ghost town, Sderot welcomes returnees and a renewed sense of normalcy | The Times of Israel and (2) Israelis return to Sderot, the biggest city attacked by Hamas : NPR.

From the Ben Gurion Airport, I'll be on a train that goes to Be'er Sheva and then on another to Sderot where I'll be picked up to go to the ministry house there. The mission while there is to work in whatever capacities are needed to provide comfort, aid, and hope in the name of Yeshua. Please be praying for this mission effort to be fruitful for the Lord.