Happy Independence Day in Israel

Today was a time of celebration in Israel for the 75th anniversary of Israel's independence. יום העצמאות Yom Ha'atzmaut (Day of Independence)


4/26/20231 min read

Today was celebrated in Israel as the 75th anniversary of independence. Israeli flags flew in the pleasant breeze of the day with a nice spring temperature that was perfect for the many families and friends who were gathered at multiple outdoor locations having picnics, cookouts, and spending time off from work with their loved ones. The parks and other outside areas we saw today were filled with people enjoying the day.

We could not get into any areas for patient visits today, so we enjoyed a day to do some site seeing and also enjoyed sharing ideas and plans for how to work together to help the people that are served by George's ministry here. He drove us from Nazareth to Haifa, which is by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and we went into Carmel also, including the Mt. Carmel site. I have some pictures in the gallery below. After returning to Nazareth, we ate a meal together at George's home. He has such a wonderful family who love each other. I am amazed at the children in this area who learn Arabic, English, and Hebrew all at the same time starting at a young age. Tomorrow morning we plan on getting medications and some medical supplies before heading to our next West Bank village to see patients who need some help while also following up with those seen on Tuesday.