A Humbling Experience

We visited a different village in the West Bank today and met at the town's government building for a temporary clinic today.


4/25/20231 min read

Pictured is the top of the desk area I used to work at and write today. The coffee was some of the best ever tasted and we even got tasty treats on the side, too. The central government building where we worked is pictured and the other two pictures are of some of the roads in the area as we drove along.

Yesterday was spent in the homes of patients while today we met at a local government building in a West Bank village. We arrived to find out that there was a group already gathered. A room had been prepared with an table for examination and some basic supplies to help with checking the patients. The patients were all very gracious and welcoming. There was an announcement in the village ahead of time that this would be available today. The mayor of the village was there and we had pictures taken with him. I learned later that they said I was the first foreign physician to ever visit their town. That was a humbling statement and also one that made me sad that is the case.  I'm reminded that Jesus walked this same area, and He did not walk around Samaria to avoid it.  He walked right through it and helped those who were there because He does value all of us in His creation the same.

Today's patients had ailments including carpal tunnel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, tendonitis, impetigo, osteoarthritis, hypertension, urinary tract infection, knee injury, and gout. Many of them seen today will be seen again on Thursday when we will bring some medications we now know they need, wrist splints for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, and information to help the diabetics to know how to adjust their glucoses themselves. Ministerial follow up will be done in their homes later. Please be praying that the seeds being planted will bring forth abundant fruit.

Since today was Memorial Day in Israel, we had to get back across the checkpoint before 1 PM since it closed early today. Tomorrow is Independence Day in Israel so the checkpoints will be closed. We plan on visiting some sites within Israel tomorrow and resuming our trips on Thursday to the West Bank area.